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Often when life is improved for people, animals are saved, and environments are rescued, it is the result of years of tireless effort from volunteers. Volunteers are people who devote their time, energy, and money to a cause, whether it's making sure used woodworking machines get recycled or helping girls in third world countries get an education. If you think the cause of freeing Burma from its dictatorship is a worthy one, here are some of the ways you can help.

Hands On Assistance

If you're brave, free of commitments, and dedicated to the cause, you may want to join one of the humanitarian missions to the affected zones. You might be called upon to hand out Dunlop Boots to people in refugee camps, document instances of human rights violations, or even participate in political negotiations. It's too dangerous to do such things on their own, however, so consult a charitable organization about joining their team if you want to help in this way.

Raise Awareness

Burma is an awfully long way away, and most of us aren't able to leave our homes, families, and Toronto real estate jobs for long enough to do anything hands on. Does this mean you can't help? No! You can help the cause just by raising awareness here in your own country. Attend rallies and protests, distribute literature, make t-shirts, and petition your political representatives who can affect change in a major way. These are all things you can do from home.

Collect Money

Charities and aid missions need a lot of money to accomplish their goals. Between travel expenses for employees and volunteers, buying gear, commissioning literature, and buying food and supplies for the people they're trying to help, millions of dollars are needed to make any kind of difference. You can help collect this money by convincing people to forgo their new homes in Vaughan and donate their money to the cause. Even if a million people only donate one dollar, that's a million dollars!

Help Organize

Getting the word out about a cause and arranging for aid to reach people in need requires a lot of logistical legwork. If you're a masterful office manager for Remax Georgian Bay and you want to help a cause, why not volunteer to help organize? You might arrange for a charity event, do the accounting books, write the promotional literature, or make travel arrangements for aid officers, and you'll be doing your part too.

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